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Karlita Designs Featured

Karlita Designs by Karla Lopez
“Women, through time and cultures, have been attracted to adornments. All over the world men and women use adornments to be the king or queen they desire to be. Jewelry is transformative.” Karlita Designs uses rare precious gemstones to connect to the inner spirit. “Our line is about empowering women to feel their inner beauty and strength through the connection with the healing properties of the gemstones and minerals. Become the queen you are destined to be. We are all flowers in bloom in the garden called Earth.”

De La Luna Designs Featured

De La Luna Designs "The Art Of Story telling" by Virginia Ayala

De La Luna translated means “Of The Moon”.  The moon is one of the inspirations being that it has an influence on women and the cycles of life on Earth.  Representing the journey of life is the butterfly, Just like a butterfly, each piece develops in stages with the end result being something of great beauty.  Inspired by the simple beauty Life expresses every day, we bring you a collection full of vibrant colors, details, and beautiful images.   I welcome you to view the the different transformations.  We are all unique individuals so lets celebrate the beauty we hold within.  



Sunqu Misti Jewelry Featured

Sunqu Misti Jewelry by Michelle Smith Meza
Sunqu Misti Jewelry is designed and handmade by metalsmith Michelle Smith Meza.
Sunqu Misti means, Misti Heart. Sunqu is Quechua for heart and Misti refers to El Misti volcano in Arequipa, Peru where she learned metalsmithing, her birthplace and where her mother's family still lives.  
“I grew up playing with metal scraps around my dad’s Tool & Die machine shop in Cerritos, CA so metal is nostalgic to me- its color, sound, feel, and smell. Its transformability with heat and tools fascinates me and feels ancestral. My Smith side points to smithing as a craft, while my Meza side took me to Peru where I first experienced exquisite indigenous metal work and modern day artisans everywhere. I've been enamored of handmade jewelry ever since." 
In 2009, she moved to Arequipa to learn in the workshop of master Silversmiths, The Daza Pacha family.
Most of her stones come from independent lapists in Peru as a way to support families and a dying trade.

Patchouli Nomad Featured

Maribel Reveles (AKA) Patchouli Nomad
Patchouli Nomad is known for her fun,funky and colorful creations. She is inspired by nature,music and cultures. Her go to fabrics are vintage,repurposed,African textiles and anything that catches her eye. Her fabrics are her canvas. She has found sewing and painting to be therapeutic and healing. In her fabrics toys that she creates mostly from her favorite artists Frida Khalo and Jean Michael Basquiat you will see the inner child in her. All her fabric toys are filled with recycled fabrics making them a zero waste toy. All her clothing pieces are one of a kind.
"Put the needle on the fabric "
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To Our Beloved Community

We would like to take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to you, our community. We’ve had the honor of being part of the Echo Park landscape of artists, artisans and beautiful people and share so many memories together these past 4 years.  We’re all going through such trying times calling for us to adapt and transform. With deep emotion and heartache we are announcing that we will be closing our physical location in Echo Park mid August. Although this is an incredibly difficult decision, we’re looking forward to revisioning what Kaleidoscope Kollective will evolve into as our business transitions to an online platform. 

We hope to continue cultivating partnerships and collaborations that reflect the beauty and creativity of our artistic community. As we look forward to a new chapter, full of transformation, we infuse new energy and creativity into what Kaleidoscope Kollective will become. Thank you for the love and support, it has filled such a special place in our lives and hearts. We hope you continue to watch our business and brands evolve as we continue to grow and change as Kaleidoscopes always do. 

Always Reflect Your Creativity & Beauty to One Another. Dreams are not canceled! With tremendous Love and Gratitude,

Maribel, Michelle, Karla & Virginia

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