Karlita Designs - ALL

By Karla Lopez

“Women, through time and cultures, have been attracted to adornments. All over the world men and women use adornments to be the king or queen they desire to be. Jewelry is transformative.” Karlita Designs uses rare precious gemstones and symbolisym to connect to the inner spirit. “Our line is about empowering women to feel their inner beauty and strength through the connection with the healing properties of the gemstones and minerals. Become the queen you are destined to be. We are all flowers in bloom in the garden called Earth.”

The Charmed Life Collection:

Each animal represented in the “Charmed Life” collection has a particular significance for Karlita. The scarab beetle, the scorpion, the deer, the snake, the bee, and the hummingbird have all called to Karla because of an ancestral relationship and their scared representation.