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POP Candy Company

Think buttery, toasty, crunchy toffee-like deliciousness in each and every bite. Pop Candy Company butter crunch is handmade in small batches using real, clean ingredients with no additives or preservatives.  Sweet and savory flavors are packed with premium nuts, excellent farmers market herbs and fruits, fine spices, and all-natural extracts (with no added sugar) that are combined and cooked into each batch so that each flavor is incredible and no two flavors are the same.

Customers tell us that p.o.p. has the "right level of sweetness," and that it tastes better, softer, and fresher than other toffees and brittles they've tried and enjoyed for years. Plus, it's made with:

• no corn syrup (15-20 g cane sugar per serving)
• no peanuts
• no soy*
• no gluten*

(*exception: our delish fire pistachio contains soy and corn protein, and may contain traces of gluten)