Copper & Amethyst Double Teardrop Ring

Copper & Amethyst Double Teardrop Ring


Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify thought and intentions. It is called the  "bestower" of "good", bringing benefit to the user. It can help with lethargy, passivity, restlessness, excitability, and non-acceptance of oneself. It stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy, and independence. 

Amethyst stones are emotionally grounding and work in very deep levels, and breaks through dense blockages. Amethyst crystals a very good for those who are feeling burnt out and need to rejuvenate themselves. Amethyst gemstones are also an environmental cleanup crystal. With this in mind, it will need to be cleansed itself. Amethyst stones love to be cleansed with water. 

Size: Adjustable (open in the back). Fits size 6 to 8.5

Materials: the ring is made with 14K gold-filled, also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate" which is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as silver in this case. Gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last two to five years but will eventually wear through. Avoid applying oils and lotions while wearing this ring is one to ensure longevity.

All of our pieces are wearable art.  They should be treated with extra special care and love! Crystals are fragile. Although breakage is a rare occurrence, we understand it can still happen.  The wearer assumes all responsibility outside natural wear and tear that may happen over a few years.

Here are some precautions one should take when wearing these pieces! 

Hold jewelry close to your body when bending down or reaching over a table/hard surface. Keep jewelry dry and away from water, take pieces off when bathing, swimming, washing hands. When wearing rings take care not to slam your hand down on any hard surfaces, etc!