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Transformation Big Wings Earrings

De La Luna Designs

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Transformation Big Wings Earrings
Transformation Big Wings Earrings

Loved “"Transformation"
I recently read a quote by @brownbadassbonita that has stuck to me that said "The reason I love butterflys was because they give them selves wings."

To see your self for everything and anything you want to be starts with you. For me I had to tell my self over and over you are amazing, you are creative, you are an artist. I did not fully believe it at first but I just kept and keep saying it to my self. You are what you see your self as. Work I need to do constantly as dought sometimes trys to creep in. We are all magical given gifts from creater its up to us how we use it. Let your magic shine because you too can give your self wings to fly. ”

A Few Of A kind 

Fabric hand cut and pressed onto leather. 

Golden back 

Gold color metal

Gold filled hook 


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