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Dendritic Agate Mini Sphere Earrings

Karlita Designs

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Dendritic Agate Mini Sphere Earrings
Dendritic Agate Mini Sphere Earrings

Dendritic Agate is called the “Stone of Abundance”, Dendrite Agate is associated with abundance, prosperity, and growth - not just monetary, but in every aspect of one’s life. It can enhance one’s self-confidence and perseverance, as well as transform negative energies (both in the environment and the body) into positive energies.

Dendrite Agate has a deep connection to nature and can assist those involved with conservation projects.  It has a grounding and calming energy, which reminds us to stay connected, not just to the Earth, but to our own roots, in order to grow.

These earrings are made of 14k gold filled. They can be submerged in water and without tarnishing the gold. To ensure longevity avoid steam & direct contact with lotion and oils for the longevity of the metal, but and be worn after lotion or oil is applied. If they bend they are be bent back to its original shape.

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