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Growth & Repair Hair Serum

Growth & Repair Hair Serum

Yaocihautl Organic

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Growth & Repair Serum (4 oz)

Use this oil to keep your scalp moisturized, and stop hair fall. This Natural  Growth & Repair Oil promote hair growth, but it also makes thinning hair thicker, repairs split ends, and even helps to make your hair have a shinier look. This oil also re growth eyebrows  

You can add a few drops in damp hair and style as usual or For some extra moisture, lather up your ends before bed or saturate your scalp with the oil. This option may leave your hair looking greasy, but will come out after your shower, and leave you with hydrated, silky hair. 


Ingredients: Argan Oil, coconut oil, castor oils/aloe Vera, Vitamin E, lavender oil, rosemary oil