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Ruby Fuchsite Gemstone Hoops

Ruby Fuchsite Gemstone Hoops

Karlita Designs

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Ruby Fuchsite has the capacity to help heal the heart, removing any blockages to loving energies. It can help open you to psychic awareness and the realms of spirit and the natural world. It amplifies and enhances the properties of other crystals and is thought to promote physical healing for those recovering from an illness.

While this stone carries the properties of both Ruby for vitality and Fuchsite for self worth, in combination it also has its own metaphysical properties. It can vary in color with the Fuchsite being white, emerald green and the Ruby being shades of red or pink.These earrings are made from 14k Gold-filled and can be submerged in water and without tarnishing the gold and hypo-allergenic. This piece is limited edition.